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The subject areas listed below link directly to the corresponding department's available courses on the UW Time Schedule. Once you've found your course on the Time Schedule, note the following information for reference during the registration process:
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  • SLN
  • course section
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Accounting (ACCTG)
Administration (ADMIN)
Aeronautics and Astronautics (A A)
Aerospace Studies (A S)
Afro-American Studies (AFRAM)
Akkadian (AKKAD)
Altai (ALTAI)
American Ethnic Studies (AES)
American Indian Studies (AIS)
American Sign Language (ASL)
Ancient and Medieval History (HSTAM)
Anesthesiology (ANEST)
Anthropology (ANTH)
Applied Mathematics (AMATH)
Arabic (ARAB)
Aramaic (ARAMIC)
Archaeology (ARCHY)
Architecture (ARCH)
Art (ART)
Art History (ART H)
Arts Program (ARTS)
Asian Languages and Literature (ASIAN)
Asian-American Studies (AAS)
Astrobiology (ASTBIO)
Astronomy (ASTR)
Atmospheric Sciences (ATM S)


Bengali (BENG)
Biochemistry (BIOC)
Biocultural Anthropology (BIO A)
Bioengineering (BIOEN)
Bioethics and Humanities (B H)
Biological Structure (B STR)
Biology (BIOL)
Biomolecular Structure and Design (BMSD)
Bioresource and Science Engineering (BSE)
Biostatistics (BIOST)
Botany -- (See Biology (BIOL))
Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (BCS)
Built Environment (B E)
Bulgarian (BULGR)
Business Administration (B A)
Business Administration Research Methods (BA RM)
Business Communications (B CMU)
Business Economics (B ECON)
Business Policy (B POL)


Center for Statistics and Social Sciences (CS&SS)
Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology (CSDE)
Center for the Humanities (HUM)
Chemical Engineering (CHEM E)
Chemistry (CHEM)
Chicano Studies (CHSTU)
Chinese (CHIN)
Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE)
Classical Archaeology (CL AR)
Classical Linguistics (CL LI)
Classics (CLAS)
College of the Environment (C ENV)
School of Forest Resources (CFR)
Communication (COM)
Community and Environmental Planning (CEP)
Comparative History of Ideas (CHID)
Comparative Literature (C LIT)
Comparative Medicine (C MED)
Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
Conjoint Courses (CONJ) (School of Medicine)
Construction Management (CM)
Czech (CZECH)


Dance (DANCE)
Danish (DANISH)
Dental Hygiene (D HYG)
Dental Public Health Sciences (DPHS)
Dentistry (DENT)
Digital Arts and Experimental Media (DXARTS)
Disability Studies (DIS ST)
Drama (DRAMA)


Early Childhood and Family Studies (ECFS)
Earth and Space Sciences (ESS)
E-Business (EBIZ)
Economics (ECON)
Education (Curriculum and Instruction) (EDC&I)
Education (College of Education) (EDUC)
Education (Teacher Education Program) (EDTEP)
Educational Leadership and Policy Studies (EDLPS)
Educational Psychology (EDPSY)
Education (Special Education) (EDSPE)
Egyptian (EGYPT)
Electrical Engineering (E E)
Emergency Medicine (MED EM)
Endodontics (ENDO)
Engineering (ENGR)
English (ENGL)
Entrepreneurship (ENTRE)
Environmental Health (ENV H)
Environmental Science and Resource Management (ESRM)
Epidemiology (EPI)
Estonian (ESTO)
European Studies (EURO)


Family Medicine (FAMED)
Finance (FIN)
Finnish (FINN)
Fisheries (FISH)
French (FRENCH)
French Linguistics (FRLING)


General Interdisciplinary Studies (GIS)
General Studies (GEN ST)
Genetics -- (See Genome Sciences)
Genome Sciences (GENOME)
Geography (GEOG)
Geological Sciences -- (See Earth and Space Sciences)
Geophysics -- (See Earth and Space Sciences)
Georgian (GEORG)
Germanics (GERMAN)
Global Health (G H)
Global Trade, Transportation & Logistics (GTTL)
Graduate School (GRDSCH) (Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs)
Greek (GREEK)


Health Informatics and Health Information (HIHIM)
Health Law (LAW H)
Health Services (HSERV)
Health Services Management (HSMGMT)
Hebrew (HEBR)
Hindi (HINDI)
History (HIST)
History, Modern European (HSTEU)
History and Philosophy of Science (HPS)
History of Asia (HSTAS)
History of the Americas (HSTAA)
Honors (H A&S) (College of Arts & Sciences)
Human Biology (HUBIO)
Human Centered Design and Engineering (HCDE)
Human Resources Management and Organizational Behavior (HRMOB)
Humanities -- (See Center for the Humanities)


Icelandic (ICEL)
Immunology (IMMUN)
Indian (INDN)
Individual PhD (IPHD)
Individualized Studies (INDIV)
Indonesian (INDON)
Industrial Engineering (IND E)
Informatics (INFO)
Information Management and Technology (IMT)
Information Scbool Interdisciplinary (INFX)
Information Science (INSC)
Information Systems (I S)
Information Systems Master of Science (MSIS)
Integrated Science (INTSCI)
Intellectual Property Law (LAW P)
International Business (I BUS)
International Studies (SIS)
International Studies (African Studies) (SISAF)
International Studies (Asian Studies) (SISA)
International Studies (Canadian Studies) (SISCA)
International Studies (Comparative Religion) (RELIG)
International Studies (East Asian Studies) (SISEA)
International Studies (Jewish Studies) (SISJE)
International Studies (Latin American Studies) (SISLA)
International Studies (Middle Eastern Studies) (SISME)
International Studies (Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies) (SISRE)
International Studies (South Asian Studies) (SISSA)
International Studies (Southeast Asian Studies) (SISSE)
Italian (ITAL)


Japanese (JAPAN)


Korean (KOREAN)


Laboratory Medicine (LAB M)
Landscape Architecture (L ARCH)
Latin (LATIN)
Latvian (LATV)
Law (LAW)
Law (Taxation) (LAW T)
Law A (LAW A)
Law B (LAW B)
Law E (LAW E)
Laws, Societies, and Justice (LSJ)
Library and Information Science (LIS)
Linguistics (LING)
Literature (LIT)
Lithuanian (LITH)


Management (MGMT)
Marketing (MKTG)
Materials Science and Engineering (MS E)
Mathematics (MATH)
Mechanical Engineering (M E)
Mechanical Engineering Industrial Engineering (MEIE)
Medical Education and Biomedical Informatics (MEBI)
Medical Engineering (MEDENG)
Medical History and Ethics (MHE)
Medicinal Chemistry (MEDCH)
Medicine (MED)
Medicine Elective Clerkships (MEDECK)
Medicine Required Clerkships (MEDRCK)
Microbiology (MICROM)
Military Science (M SCI)
Modern European History (HSTEU)
Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB)
Molecular Medicine (MOLMED)
Museology (MUSEUM)
Music - Applied (MUSAP)
Music (MUSIC)
Music Education (MUSED)
Music Ensemble (MUSEN)
Music History (MUHST)


Nanoscience and Molecular Engineering (NME)
Naval Science (N SCI)
Near and Middle Eastern Studies (N&MES)
Near Eastern Languages and Civilization (NEAR E)
Neurobiology (NBIO)
Neurobiology and Behavior (NEUBEH)
Neurological Surgery (NEUR S)
Neurology (NEURL)
Norwegian (NORW)
Nursing (NSG)
Nursing (NURS)
Nursing Clinical (NCLIN)
Nursing Methods (NMETH)
Nutritional Science (NUTR)


Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB GYN)
Oceanography (OCEAN)
Operations Management (OPMGT)
Ophthalmology (OPHTH)
Oral Biology (ORALB)
Oral Medicine (ORALM)
Oral Surgery (O S)
Organization and Environment (O E)
Orthodontics (ORTHO)
Orthopedics (ORTHP)
Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (OTOHN)


Paper Science and Engineering (PSE)
Pathobiology (PABIO)
Pathology (PATH)
Pediatric Dentistry (PEDO)
Pediatrics (PEDS)
Periodontics (PERIO)
Persian (PRSAN)
Pharmaceutical Bioengineering (PHARBE)
Pharmaceutics (PCEUT)
Pharmacology (PHCOL)
Pharmacy (PHARM)
Pharmacy Practice (PHARMP)
Pharmacy Regulatory Affairs (PHRMRA)
Philosophy (PHIL)
Physics (PHYS)
Physiology and Biophysics (P BIO)
Polish (POLSH)
Political Science (POL S)
Portuguese (PORT)
Program on the Environment (ENVIR)
Prosthodontics (PROS)
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences (PBSCI)
Psychology (PSYCH)
Public Affairs (PB AF)
Public Health Genetics (PHG)
Public Policy and Management (PPM)


Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management (QERM)
Quantitative Methods (QMETH)
Quantitative Science (Fisheries and Forest Resources) (Q SCI)
Quaternary Sciences (QUAT)


Radiation Oncology (R ONC)
Radiology (RADGY)
Rehabilitation Medicine (REHAB)
Religion -- (See International Studies (Comparative Religion))
Restorative Dentistry (RES D)
Romance Languages and Literature (ROMAN)
Romance Linguistics (ROLING)
Romanian (Romance) (RMN)
Romanian (Slavic) (ROMN)
Russian (RUSS)


Sanskrit (SNKRT)
Scandinavian (SCAND)
School of Marine Affairs (SMA)
Slavic (SLAV)
Slavic Languages and Literatures (SLAVIC)
Slovenian (SLVN)
Social Welfare (SOC WL)
Social Welfare BASW (SOC WF)
Social Sciences (SOCSCI)
Social Work (MSW) (SOC W)
Sociology (SOC)
Spanish (SPAN)
Spanish Linguistics (SPLING)
Special Education (EDSPE)
Speech and Hearing Sciences (SPHSC)
Statistics (STAT)
Strategic Management (ST MGT)
Strategic Planning for Critical Infrastructures (SPCI)
Summer Arts Program (ARTS)
Surgery (SURG)
Swahili (SWA)
Swedish (SWED)


Tagalog (TAGLG)
Technical Communication (see Human Centered Design and Engineering)
Thai (THAI)
Tibetan (TIB)
Turkic (TKIC)
Turkish (TKISH)


Ugaritic (UGARIT)
Ukrainian (UKR)
University Conjoint Courses (UCONJ)
Urban Planning (URBDP)
Urdu (URDU)
Urology (UROL)


Values in Society (VALUES)
Vietnamese (VIET)


Women Studies (WOMEN)


Zoology -- (See Biology (BIOL))